For years we have been going to a drive-in that Bonsai Bob calls the “Ratburger”. He has a nickname for everything. I finally asked him why he calls it “ratburger”. He tells me it’s because years ago there were shrubs out front and one day he saw a huge rat running around in the shrub. He probably saw a squirrel but squirrelburger doesn’t have the right ring to it. Well, the shrubs are gone and I didn”t see any squirrels either. We went there today, they are under new management and they have a really special special. They serve a 1 1/2 lb. burger (yup 6 quarter pound patties) and they charge $10.00 for it. The CHALLENGE is this. If you can eat it in under 4 minutes it’s FREE. The sign said that the record is 3:46 and the guys name was posted. I thought about it, but the last time Bob and I went out to challenge feed, I wound up in the hospital with a coronary. I did manage 12 chili dogs that day tho. Anyway, if there are any of you out there in blog land that think you can wrap yourself around one of them, give it a go and may the fork be with you. I did say that the joint was under new ownership and it might be a limited time promotional thing so hurry in give it your all.

It’s on Cedar just south of Ashlan, I think.
4483 N Cedar Ave
Fresno, CA.
(they’re closed on Sunday)


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