“Las tres casuelas” translates as “the three pots”. Hey, maybe that’s how they got the name. Because this place serves three kinds of food under one roof. They serve Mexican, obvious from the name, American, burgers and such, and Chinese. I listed this under the category “ethnic”. It’s really multi-ethnic but I don’t want to start a new category. It really is a hole in wall, just a tiny place next to a mini mart, but it looks like they just broke ground on a new building right next door.

I favor their mexican food and the last time I was there I had their camarones rellenos. It’s shrimp stuffed with peppers and wrapped with bacon. Everything is better with bacon. The shrimp seemed a little overcooked but how are you going to get it done otherwise without the bacon being under done.

Coffee shop doesn’t really describe the place but it’s one of those places where a variety of the locals go regularly.  

This is an edit as of 5/16/08. Las Tres Casuelas has moved into their new building and I ate there about 2 months ago. The food is still good but I think I prefer the old place but then again I’m partial to little hard to find places      

Las Tres Casuelas
1067 Sierra St
Kingsburg, CA
(559) 897-4321



  1. Stephanie Morales says:

    las tres casulelas restaurant has moved to a new building.
    so please get rid of the comment of a hole in the wall.

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