A buddy said he wanted to eat some place different so we met at “Don Nachos Fish Tacos”. Interesting place, it’s located just off freeway 99, in the same building as a truck wash, just south of Manning Ave. and north of the Honda motorcycle dealership. I’d never had a fish taco before but I’m a food slut so we gave it a go. I’m not sure what the breading is supposed to be like. It seemed a little doughy but the seasoning was good. Because of my ethnic heritage I’m used to the batter that you get on tempura. What was really great was that the corn tortillas were fresh made and not at all like the ones ones you get in the local super market. I have canine tendencies when it comes to food so I also ordered the costillas de puerco, pork spare ribs. It was good too but once again the fresh tortillas that accompanied it were great. So if the idea of fish tacos doesn’t appeal to your palate, you can get the other varieties of tacos that they serve and still get fresh tortillas . All the little blood corp suckles were happy and clustered around my stomach. I got to feeling a little light headed from all the blood rushing from my brain to my tummy so it was time to lay down and take a nap. 

It’s a hole in the wall. It’s ethnic. It’s not a taco truck but it’s located in a “truck” wash so I listed in all three

2713 E Manning Ave
Fowler, CA
(559) 834-3376



  1. Ted Burrett says:

    Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the man from that forum who told me to go to your blog 🙂

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