It was started by some folks who were my neighbors at the time, Vinnie and Yvonne. Years ago they had a little joint called the “Red Rooster” but that’s long gone. Anyway, They started another hamburger stand a few years ago with son Randy and they called it “Three Crowns” because there were 3 of them (a real family operation) and that’s all that ever worked there. The best thing about their burgers were that they were made from hand formed patties that they squished right there. The meat was always fresh because Vinie would go across the parking lot and buy it fresh ground at the supermarket every day. When those babies were fried you had to use a lot of napkins because they were so juicy.

It’s a walkup and when a bunch of us old farts get together for lunch, we often go there. It’s close to the Railroad tracks and when the trains go by it gets pretty noisy. Some of my lunch bunch are train fanatics so it only adds to the ambiance for them. Of course being old they don’t like to go when the valley sun is set to broil and we find a place that’s a little cooler. And, when it’s cold and the old arthritis is acting up we go some place warmer.

I usually had the “burger basket” and Randy’s fries were crispy and not at all greasy. It might have had something to do with him being a trained chef. When I was really hungry I ordered a “Kingsburger Basket” That came with two of them super patties. They were the only place I had been that topped their burgers with bell pepper. Vinnie or Yvonne made the shakes which were made with real ice cream. They were so thick that you had to use a spoon. Try sucking that thing thru a straw and the back of your head would just cave in.

Vinnie and the Mrs. retired a couple years ago and joint is now under new ownership. They have added a couple items including a “Triple Crown” Yup, 3 patties. I had one of them once but maybe I was just showing off to the rest of the old farts. I had to do stretching exercises before I could get my jaws to open wide enough to cram that sucker in. The burgers aren’t quite as juicy as before but still good enough that the old farts group likes to go there. They’ve got “specialty sandwiches besides but for me, it will always be the burgers.

Being retired we go early and take a couple tables and visit for a while so servce don’t matter. They do a lot of call-in business so if you’re in a real hurry try to go after the lunch rush. They’ve got quite few tables but I’ve seen it so busy that some customers tailgate and take their burgers to the parking lot

Three Crowns
1360 Lewis St
Kingsburg, CA 93631

(559) 897-8816



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