Fred called and said “let’s go to the nostalgia drags at Bakersfield” My mind immediately turned to thoughts of the Pioneer Coffee Shop. It’s at the Lake Woolomes exit just south of Delano. Anyway, we started off down the hiway and I wasn’t going to be the one to suggest we stop for eats. About 20 minutes down the road, Fred says “Had breakfast yet?” I thought he wasn’t going to ask and I’d have wander around the drag strip looking for an over priced breakfast burrito. We slid in to the parking lot and I knew what I wanted. I was salivating for chicken fried steak. There’s is the BEST. I ordered chicken fried, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, and scrambled eggs. The chicken fried came laying in a nice puddle of gravy. The biscuits came with gravy on the side in a soup cup. Damn, I love white gravy. I asked if I could have gravy for the eggs and the nice lady brought me another soup cup of gravy. She had this evil smile like eat this and die sucker. I wrapped myself around the whole thing and washed it down with coffee. I waddled back out to the car and went on to Famoso. The coffee never did kick in and I felt like a well fed python. I would’ve gladly just laid in the car a slept but the roar of dragsters and the smell of nitro brought me around. I had pretty much walked off the top layer of food by the time we left for home so we stopped on the return trip for a slice of pie at, where else, the Pioneer. Breakfast was great. The races were fun. My cardiologist is going to lecture me. I’m happy


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