Mr. Hurd is the main man of barbecue. He tends his trailer mounted barbecue on Saturdays and Sundays in the parking lot of Hall’s Corner unless it’s raining. That’s at the corner of Hiway 41 and Grangeville Blvd a few miles northeast of Lemoore CA.. He usually starts serving at about 11:00 AM. If it isn’t ready don’t bother to try and hurry him. If you ask him when it will be ready he’ll just say “soon” You can order a tri tip sandwich or rib plate which comes with beans. Sometimes he has chicken. He will sell ribs by the slab or a whole tri tip. If you want something to drink you’ll have to go into the mini-mart next door. Oh and there isn’t anyplace to sit. if you’re driving a pickup you can tailgate or just sit on the sidewalk. His bbq sauce is great and you can buy it at the mini-mart too. It’s a bare bones deal and I love it.



  1. Rain in the Face says:

    Can this bbq sauce be ordered if you do not live in the immediate area?

    • Janice Hurd-Newsome says:

      Thank you so much for the inquiry. Dad passed away in 2007, however us children are keeping his dream, BBQ and Sauce alive. Please feel free to contact me to order sauce or you may see me working at Hall’s corner, now know as Quik Break

      • Sandi Witcher says:

        Is the sauce still available for purchase? We have stopped by the quick mart a few times on our way to Huntington Lake, but the shelf was bare. We are down to our last bottle!!!

  2. Rain the the Face says:

    Is the BBQ still in business? How do you order the sauce if you wish to purchase in quantity? Is there a website?

    ‘Rain in the Face of L.A.”

  3. CG says:

    I heard about the BBQ from a friend of a friend. What are the business hours and location for us “out of towners”?

  4. I have been a fan of the bbq sauce for years and really miss talking to Mr Hurd. I live a few miles north of Santa Barbara and go by there on my way up to Huntington Lake in the Sierras now own a condo there but I still stop on the way home and get about five jars of the sauce and my friends are at my house to see if i got them one nice to see your still making it. my first stop there was when my daughter was 9 she is 27 now and she used to put away some ribs again thanks for keeping things going you Dad would be proud

  5. Rain in the Face says:

    Where can you order the BBQ sauce for those who don’t live in the area?

    • call me. ill arrange it 512-845-4035.. Ivan, son of Curtis Sr. just shipped me some sauce. it was a necessary sauce as I also ordered a rack of ribs and a full tri-tip from him by phone. OMG> im still eatn wow what a piece of beef. Tri-tip.

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