By the side of hiway 168 at Shaver Lake sits the burger joint that everybody loves to hate. It’s called the “Hungry Hut”. It has always been known for the signs on the building. signs limiting the number of ketchup packets you can take, signs telling you not to take too many napkins, signs saying no loitering, signs, signs saying no restroom available. Signs everywhere.

We stopped there on our way down from Huntington Lake when I went with a friend  to get his sailboat. We were a few minutes early and they hadn’t opened so we waited. There was a pleasant young gal outside setting up for the day. Something is definitely different here. All the signs are gone. The Burger Nazi must have been banished from power. Instead of packets of ketchup there is a ketchup pump.

We ordered and did receive the firm announcement that the food would be served at the SIDE window. I was actually relieved that a vestige of the former regime was still in place.

The food is OK there but now that the signs are gone there isn’t much to distinguish it from the other roadside burger joints.

I miss the signs



  1. burger nazi says:

    burger Nazi is alive and well.

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