I’m a committed bottomfeeder and I really do brake for taco trucks. But, for a change of pace we went to Asoka Indian Cuisine in Selma CA.. It’s a nice place, they even have cloth napkins at dinner time and the owner was very pleasant. It was actually deserted except for two of us but they are busier at lunch when they have a buffet. Anyway, we started off with a vegetable pakora for an appetizer, kinda like a hush puppy. It came with two sauces. One was a sweet red sauce and the other a spicy green sauce, pretty good stuff. I had the butter chicken and Mooncake ordered the shrimp tandoori. I don’t know what they are supposed to be like but I sure did like them. The really good stuff was the naan, bread baked in the tandoori oven and served hot. I could have just eaten the bread.

Oh, and right next door there is a great indian sweets and spice store. It’s a wonderful olfactory experience just walking thru there.
Asoka Indian Cuisine
2713 Whitson Ave.
Selma CA. 93662
Closed Monday


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