I like nothing better than chorizo and eggs and a little pepper jack cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Some people think of that as a breakfast burrito but I think it’s great anytime of the day. And it’s handy too, but if your main plates are the paper kind like mine, it does present a few problems. I usually have to double up the plates to keep the fat from soaking thru, thus doubling my dinnerware expenditure for the day. Please don’t tell me that I should drain the fat as I consider fat to be a spice. Containing the fat within the burrito is also a problem. No matter how hard I try, it always seem to escape from a corner and stains the tee shirt I’m wearing that is only on it’s 2nd day. I usually try to get at least a week’s wear out of a shirt before subjecting it to those harsh laundry detergents. I think I have a solution. Instead of the usual supermarket stuff, the other day I bought some chorizo from ALFONSO’S CARNICERIA. It’s packaged in natural casing which means that it’s stuffed into the intestine of some animal. Anyway, it fried up really nice instead of turning into a large puddle of grease with a few flecks of indeterminate animal byproduct floating around in it. I suppose that their secret lays in the ratio of indeterminate animal byproduct to grease. It’s more like longaniza and I’ve even grilled it on the barbecue without it becoming an inferno.  I was thinking about it once before using the supermarket variety chorizo but I figured that it would immediately melt, drip thru the grill and create a fire of catastrophic proportion. 

By the way, if you ever do venture into ALFONSO’S, try their tacos. I’ve tried just about all the variations they have but I haven’t gotten to the tray of meat that has among other things, pig’s ears and noses included. Somehow, I don’t want my food smelling me or listening to me eat. Actually, I found out that I have eaten the noses and ears thingys. It’s called buches and are mixed in with the stomachs that are the main item. I guess it’s better that I hadn’t seenthe taco being prepared before. Now I can order tacos de buches and no pig will be safe.

One last thing, try their BURRITOS. They’re inexpensive and ENORMOUS.

Another last thing, on Sunday mornings, they have terrific MENUDO, but you’ve got to get there early, they sometimes sell out.

Alfonso’s Carniceria Mexicana
2756 Whitson
Selma Ca. 93662

Open 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day


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